Are you ready for a one-day conference that will change your life and business?

The Women Empowering Women Conference is a spectacular, one-day event featuring amazing speakers and your community’s best vendors. This full day event is packed with information, resources, tips, strategies and connections to help you improve and grow your business and your life.

The event features powerful keynote presentations, life and business changing ideas on a wide variety of topics, open networking and a business expo where you can shop and support local small businesses.

  • Learn what the next step is for towards the success you've
    always wanted.
  • Discover ways to grow and improve your business and life.
  • Make valuable connections with local women in business.
  • Keynote presentation by Val Bullerman.
  • Breakout speakers - Attend as many as you wish!
  • A short fashion show by True Style with Julie Kunze.  Be sure to join us to see the latest fashions and get a jump on your spring wardrobe!
  • Vendor Expo - Shop and support local small businesses.
  • Comfortable & friendly environment.
  • A light lunch is included.
  • Interactive conference - everyone gets to participate!
  • The first 100 people in the door will receive an amazing swag bag stuffed full of goodies.

Who is this event for?

Women Empowering Women is designed for women who have experienced some sort of success in their life or business. They also know that so much more is possible for them. It might be a lack of confidence.

It might be some old beliefs or messages that you've received. Maybe you are missing a supportive, proactive community.

Regardless of what you believe might be holding you back, we have amazing speakers and activities to help you find that confidence and feel empowered to change the world!

Join us!

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Keynote Speaker

Val Bullerman

Business Coach

City Coordinator

Nancy Emmert

Health Coach

Breakout Speakers

Amy Kolbe

Mobile Spa and
Unit VIP

Ann Wright

Certified Life and
Leadership Coach
Wright Solutions

Elizabeth Sweers

Family and Pediatric Chiropractor/Owner

Sweers Family Chiropractic

Janet Tingwald

Ready to Find Mr. Right

Kathy Wetrich

Creative Hair Designer
Studio157@Westlakes Studios

Kendra Julie Chapman

Financial Services Professional

Dr. Lisa Van Allen

Van Allen Coaching & Consulting

Nancy Emmert

Health Coach

Nancy Pim

Owner and Director

Sandi Smith

Lion Heart Wellness

Sara Broers

Social Connections, LLC

Suzanne Tipton Offner

Popping The Crazy Bubble


Registration is currently closed. Complete the form below to be added to our waitlist and we will notify you when registration opens.

"My goal for the Des Moines Women Empowering Women 1-Day Conference is to create a day-long community where you receive great connections and learn valuable strategies to grow your business and change your life."

Event Organizer of the Women Empowering Women Conference
Global Coach, Award-Winning Speaker and Retreat Leader